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14 Apr 2017

The Elder Scrolls Online, the other MMORPG with orcs and elves, has just started a week-long full-game free trial. I know, I too half-remember it going free-to-play but no, it has only dropped mandatory subscriptions. I've little interest in the world of The Elder Scrolls myself, our boy Brendy was not a fan when it came out, and Cobbo last year found it still too bland, but some others folks whose opinions I also respect do find things to like in TESO so… I might have a look-see during this trial.

The free trial started at 3 pm April 11th and will end up Tuesday, April 18th at 3 pm, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can all join in. It offers the full base game but not any of the DLC expansion bits. Players will also get a little...